Heating Repair

The sweltering South Carolina heat is nothing to fool around with – and neither are the cool winter nights. Proper installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems are necessary to ensure you can maintain the right temperature year-round.

Swift Services provides heating, cooling and electrical needs backed by a trustworthy and reliable reputation.

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Why Choose Swift for All of Your Heating and Cooling Needs?

Our company is one of the most awarded and respected HVAC companies in the Myrtle Beach area. These awards reflect the high-quality services Swift Services delivers consistently. These stellar services center on commercial and residential heating and cooling appliances.

Our technicians have extensive training in HVAC needs and technology, holding certifications in associations including:

  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)
  • Air Conditioning Contractors Association
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI)

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Most Common HVAC Problems and Their Solutions

Heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance and inspections to run in tip-top shape. Recognizing the common HVAC problems will be the first step to moving towards a solution.

These are some of the most common issues:

Lack of Maintenance

A plethora of issues can be avoided simply through proper and routine maintenance.

Ignition Problems

This problem stems from a few different causes. A dirty pilot, burner or flame sensor will cause short cycling, pilot outrage or delayed ignition of burners. It can also result from gas supply problems or just simple wear and tear of ignition components. Replacing the thermocouple or hot surface ignitor can help address this issue.

Dirty Filters

A dirty filter will limit airflow and the ability for your cooling unit to circulate air in the home. This extra effort will strain the furnace blower, causing it to overheat and shut off.

These issues can often be troubleshot without professional help, and some HVAC unit parts can be easily replaced. The best repairs are handled by trained technicians since it involves high voltage and natural gas.

Some more complicated issues include:

Thermostat Malfunctions

Some perceived furnace issues are actually thermostat concerns. Addressing a programmable thermostat might be as simple as replacing the batteries. An owner’s manual or proper operating instructions can prevent an unnecessary service visit. Issues that are more consistent might need a professional visit.

Coil Issues

HVAC units often rely on coils that are integral to the unit’s function. Debris and dirty or clogged coils impede efficiency and wear down the coils. Some outdoor coil pieces can be washed off. Certain coils, like the indoor evaporator coil, have to be cleaned by a professional.

Uneven Cooling

If you find your HVAC unit heats or cools some parts of the home better than others, you might have sealing issues. These issues allow air to escape and allow for uneven cooling.

Continuously Running Blower

A furnace blower running continuously is definitely worth looking at. Addressing this issue starts with checking the fan switch on the thermostat. If set to fan, the motor will run continuously. Leaving the fan switch on is a common issue with homeowners.

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What You Should Check Before You Call

A few preliminary steps can assist in providing your technician with an idea of the HVAC issues prior to the visit. You can start by inspecting air filters and replacing dirty ones. This quick fix is an easy step to helping your furnace and avoiding serious issues caused by dirty air filters.

Another preliminary measure is to see if a combustion air duct in the furnace is blocked. If it is blocked, it can affect furnace functions. Set the thermostat to heat mode, turn it up five degrees and see if it fires up properly. If it does not, you should:

  • See if the service switch is on. If the switch is off, the furnace will not run.
  • Check the circuit breaker or fuse inside the main electric panel.
  • Replace dead or low thermostat batteries.
  • Inspect the blower fan cover to make sure it is in place. If it is removed, a safety switch in the blower compartment can turn the furnace off.

Self inspection is not necessary if you find yourself struggling with HVAC issues. Calling the team at Swift Services is an easy way to address all of your heating and cooling needs.

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Trust Swift Services for Your Heating and Cooling Repair

In addition to regular maintenance, our technicians can visit your home or office to determine how energy efficient you HVAC appliances are. From there, we can make the best recommendation to improve your air quality and keep your space at a comfortable temperature.

Call us today for all your heating repair needs!