Heating Installation

Whether you need a brand new heating system installed or you’re replacing an old one, you want the best HVAC installation technicians to do it for you. This is where Swift Services comes in. We prioritize providing the best quality service that will make all the difference in your HVAC needs.

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Use the Pros at Swift Services for HVAC Installation

Our pros at Swift Services stand out for several reasons, including the strong relationships we have with HVAC systems manufacturers across the country. Some of our partnerships include Rheem, Lennox Rudd, Mitsubishi, Goodman and Dakin. Our multiple partnerships allow you to choose the right brand and product for you. Since we are not tied to brand licensing, we can provide the equipment best suited to your budget and needs rather than trying to sell a specific brand.

Our professionals are certified and experienced with multiple types of HVAC systems. We have served the Myrtle Beach area for several years and built lasting relationships with the surrounding community. Our commitment to the community and customer experience helps us stand out.

If you are seeking excellent service for heating and cooling system installation, Swift Services has you covered!

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When Should I Replace My HVAC unit?

At some point, even the most reliable HVAC system will need replacing. Knowing the signs of a failing unit will help you stay ahead and avoid disruption in heating or cooling. Need to know when to replace the HVAC unit? Look for these signs:

Higher Energy Bills

Typically, energy bills will remain consistent. If you see an unexplained spike in the price, it might be an indicator that internal parts are wearing out. Efficiency decreases over time, and a replacement will help restore efficiency and lower energy bills.

Loud Noises

The furnace should be quiet, sometimes emitting a low hum. If the furnace is running loudly, it might indicate a leak, crack or other issue preventing proper function. Popping, rattling or banging noises are prime suspects when it comes to recognizing the time for HVAC replacement.


A furnace is expected to last about 18 years, but a unit older than 15 is likely to have some issues. The wear and tear of external or internal parts is normal but does decrease efficiency over time.

Dirt, Soot or Dust Buildup

Dust buildup in a furnace is inevitable due to the constant air cycling. However, an abnormal buildup of soot, dirt or dust can indicate issues with the filtration system.

Inconsistent Temperature

If you find your HVAC unit cannot keep your space at a comfortable temperature, you might be looking at a sign for replacement. Temperature inconsistencies normally indicate the unit is not powerful enough to deliver cooling or heating to the home. This can make the home uncomfortable, and replacement is normally the best way to rectify this.

These units are designed to be durable and long lasting, but replacement is inevitable eventually. If you have regular maintenance performed on the unit, you can extend the life. However, once these signs start to appear, you may want to look into replacement. HVAC units are one of the biggest investments we make in the home, so it is understandable we want these units to last.

At a certain point, replacement might be more cost effective than repair. If the cost to repair your heating unit is more than half the cost of a new unit, it is probably wiser to replace. At Swift, we’ll always be honest about whether a repair or replacement is best for your home and pocket.

Replacement might also be a great chance for an upgrade. New HVAC systems come out all the time, and our strong brand partnerships mean you can access the top tech in HVAC units.

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Contact Swift Services for HVAC Installation

If your HVAC system is showing any of the signs above, it might be time to consider replacement. Heating installation is one of the top services we provide, so let us help you. We can send a technician to provide honest appraisal and pricing so you can make the right decision for your home or business.

Do not panic over wear and tear on your heating system – it is normal! Swift Services has a team of technicians well versed on all heating and cooling system issues. We can assess, diagnose and fix the problem – just give us a call. Our reputation and experience with heating installation and other HVAC services mean you will be tapping into a great resource for your home.

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