Heat Pump Installation

Are you on the hunt for a better, more energy efficient method to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold months?

We have your solution: heat pumps, an amazing alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. This alternative is popular in many Myrtle Beach homes because this technology significantly reduces both energy use and energy costs in your home.

Swift Services has been providing the Myrtle Beach community with professional heat pump installation services for years. Our experienced team can take care of your Myrtle Beach, SC, heat pump installation today for a reasonable price!

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South Carolina’s Most Trusted Heat Pump Replacement Company

At Swift Services, we know heat pumps inside and out. They look similar to an air conditioning unit and can multitask and perform both cooling air conditioning and heating functions. This machinery functions on a process that is quite similar to a split system. However, it is more self contained and does not require an indoor unit.

These pumps sold and installed today are far more energy efficient than older models that were manufactured as early as five years ago. Trust our team to help you make the more cost-effective decision of updating and installing your new heat pump.

Let our experienced team handle the installation of your heat pump this season. We know how to install the latest energy-efficient models quickly, so you can benefit from less energy waste and higher bills!

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Benefits of Heat Pumps in South Carolina

Every year, more South Carolina residents opt for heat pumps as a replacement for the conventional air conditioner/furnace combinations. A single system can cool and heat your Myrtle Beach, SC, home just as efficiently – if not more so.

Some of the benefits of choosing this type of unit include:

Year-Round Control for Both Cooling and Heating

The South Carolina climate is perfectly suited for heat pumps. This equipment is capable of both cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

On hot summer days, it will work just as well (if not better) than a typical central air conditioner due to some of the high-efficiency pump options.

Since our winters can be mild, these pumps are ideal – they can absorb heat from the outside air and then transfer that same heat indoors, even as temperatures approach freezing.

Energy Efficient

Did you know that heat pumps actually use less energy than your typical furnace and air conditioner thanks to the temperature displacement?

In addition to efficiency, it is worth noting that heat pumps are very environmentally friendly compared to some of its competition.

Space (and Money) Savings

When you use less energy, you save money on energy costs. Over the course of the year, these savings really add up.

In addition to saving money, you’ll also notice that you are saving space on your property. This is because heating and cooling systems tend to be larger than the compact heat pump competition.

Increased Machine Life Expectancy

Simply put, heat pump systems last longer. Fewer repairs are needed because the unit doesn’t ever just sit idle for months on end. This means that scheduled repairs are few and far between for your convenience.

When Should I Get My Heat Pump Replaced?

On average, a pump lasts 14 years, but it may need to be replaced when if it shows any of the following signs:

Seasonal Repairs are Always Needed

If you need more than two repairs a year, there is no question that you need a replacement. Even if you’ve invested in many repairs over the last few years, upgrading to a new pump may make more sense financially.

Your Home is Still Feeling Hot or Cold

If you never feel that your home is cool or warm enough to be comfortable, you may need to change your filters or get a new system installed.

Your Energy Bills Are Going Up

Even though fuel costs are steadily rising every year, your energy bills shouldn’t become outrageous. If you notice a significant increase, you may want to consider new heat pump installation.

You Notice a Reduction in Air Quality

If you or your family have noticed a decline in air quality in your home, it could very well be your pump.

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Call Swift Services for Heat Pump Installation Done Right!

When you call Swift Services to install your heat pump, you’ll receive the following guarantees:

  • Professional, personal service
  • Certified and trained repair and installation technicians
  • The industry’s latest installation equipment and technology
  • Flat-rate pricing upfront to guarantee no surprise fees

At Swift Services, we understand that every house is different and will require individual solutions. This is why our certified team will work with you individually to customize the heating system plan for your home and ensure that everything is done right the first time.

Contact us today to start the installation process with our team! We service Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach and the entire surrounding area.

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