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Your furnace is one of the most important elements in your home – without it, you could be left in the cold. At Swift Services, we offer furnace repair services that you can trust.

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Signs That Your Furnace Needs to Be Repaired

So how can you tell if your furnace needs a repair or replacement? Look out for these common symptoms:

Clicking Sounds

If you hear clicking within your unit, a cracked heat exchanger could be responsible. This issue is serious. A cracked heat exchanger could be letting carbon monoxide into the air. Turn off your gas valve and furnace immediately if this is the case.

Burners Making Booming/Rumbling Sounds

If your unit hasn’t been cleaned recently, a buildup of dirt may be causing this issue. Dirt blocks gas jets and stops ignition, which means your furnace can’t light. Tune ups and testing can help prevent this issue from occurring.

Clanging Sounds from the Blower

If you notice loud clanging sounds from your blower, it may be because the motor belt is dislocated, has worn down or is broken. Sometimes you may be able to repair this yourself. If you’re not confident, always call a professional to resolve the issue.

Grinding and Squealing Noises

If the motor bearings in your furnace are dirty, broken or worn down, they may cause grinding or squealing noises. To avoid overheating and blowing out your motor bearings, make sure to get it repaired quickly.

If you aren’t sure what is causing the unusual behavior in your furnace, our professional technicians at Swift Services are ready to diagnose the issue.

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How to Choose the Right Furnace for Your Home

Which type of furnace you need in your home depends on your individual needs. When deciding what type of unit to install, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Gas or Electric: There are two furnace variants: gas and electric. Electric models are usually cheaper to install than gas, but may cost you more if they are less energy efficient. You will need to consider fuel costs for gas models, however. One of our professionals can help recommend which is better for your home.
  • Size: Did you know that the size of your furnace plays a part in how well it heats your home? You don’t want one that is too large or too small. A good middle-ground model (for your size home) will heat your home perfectly without leaving you too cold or too hot.
  • Local climate: Your local environment also plays a role in how your furnace performs. At Swift Services, we are based in South Carolina and work on homes in warm climates. If you live in a warm climate, we recommend that you get an option with a fuel efficiency of 80 or more. Pay special attention to sources of drafts.

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