EV Car Charging Station

Electric vehicles seem to be all the rage these days in our environmentally-conscious world. They consume less fuel and consist of greener materials.

Apart from their environmental benefits, electric vehicles are also cheaper to run and maintain in the long run.

However, owning an EV can become a burden. If you don’t have an at-home charging station, you’ll have to find a public charging station. The reliance on these public facilities can be limiting, especially if you live in a rural area or plan on going on a longer trip.

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for public EV charging posts. Our experts at Swift Services can install an EV car charging post right in your Myrtle Beach home. We can also make repairs on a post that you already have installed.

Read on to learn more about our EV charging station installation and repair services and how you can benefit from them!

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Myrtle Beach

Even with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, most homes don’t have the equipment or design to accommodate charging stations.

Swift Services will install a station in an easy-to-reach spot. We’ll set up your station in your garage, carport, or outside your house. No matter your preferences, our experts will work to accommodate them. With convenient, on-site access, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your vehicle charged.

You’ll be able to charge your electric car quickly. Say goodbye to worrying about setting up extension cords or making time to charge the vehicle every week.

Contact our technicians in Myrtle Beach to discuss your EV charging station installation!

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What To Consider Before Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Before you have an EV charging station installed, you need to know how much power your South Carolina home can handle.

All EVs come with a Level 1 charger. This kind of charger does not require a special installation process. You simply plug it into a standard 120 voltage wall outlet, and you’re ready to drive. However, this charger offers a minimal battery life.

If you have a long commute every day or otherwise use your car extensively, a Level 1 charger often won’t suffice.

Your best option is to install a Level 2 charger. However, to do so, you will need to make some adjustments to your Myrtle Beach home. Our team will safely run the required 240 volts of power from your breaker panel to your charging location.

The process will vary a little for different homes. For some customers, we will need to replace their entire breaker box. In other cases, we can install a double-pole breaker to generate the 240 volts.

Because it is a very technical process, installing an electric vehicle charging station can be dangerous. It requires specialized training and expertise. You have to know your vehicle’s energy capacity. An electrician also will assess if your home can handle a charging station.

Our highly-trained technicians will evaluate your unique situation to create a practical course of action. By recruiting our experts, you won’t risk damaging yourself and your property.

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What an Electric Car Charging Station Can Do for You

Some folks may get by using just a wall outlet to charge their vehicles. However, you should consider the several benefits that a dedicated charging station offers:

Increased Convenience

Save yourself the trouble of needing to find a charging post whenever you’re out driving. If you have one installed in your South Carolina home, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have a designated spot to fuel up.

Faster Charging

A Level 2 charger can charge your vehicle up to ten times faster than a standard wall outlet! Depending on your car battery’s size, you can be back on the road with a full battery within three to eight hours.

Lower Long-Term Cost

A lot of public places will charge a fee to hook up to their posts. You may end up paying upwards of $10 every time you get a full charge! Though this may not seem like much, it will add up over time.

Using your own at-home post, you can expect to pay well under $5 per full charge!

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Call Swift Services for EV Car Charging Station Installation and Repairs!

Ready to install a new EV car charging station in your Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach home? Need repairs on the one you currently have? Swift Services is here to help. For Myrtle Beach, SC, electric car charging station installation, call us today!

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