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Common Air Conditioning Problems We Can Fix!

Refrigerant Leaks: Have you noticed water on the floor by your HVAC unit or seen ice forming on your evaporator coils? These can be an indication of an AC refrigerant leak. Your HVAC system uses refrigerant to create the cool air in your home. When the refrigerant is low or empty, your unit won’t function properly and might even blow warm air. If this is a problem you’re noticing, call us to schedule AC repair service with our trained technicians soon.

Thermostat Issues: Your thermostat needs to communicate an accurate reading of your heating and cooling system. A false reading from a thermostat can cause your unit to work harder than needed to maintain your desired temperature. While this fix could be as simple as replacing the thermostat’s batteries, there may be a more complicated problem that requires a professional.

Electronic Control Failure and System Cycling: The compressor and fan controls inside your air conditioning system will eventually wear out with use over time. If your HVAC unit turns on and off frequently, you should call Swift Services to schedule a repair. Our technicians will use their years of experience and knowledge to provide you with a solution to keep you comfortable.

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Benefits of an AC Tune Up

Ideally, an air conditioning unit will have a routine inspection to ensure peak performance year after year. Routine maintenance is essential to ensuring a smooth operation and efficiency. It also helps avoid a poorly timed breakdown of an AC unit that sputters out in midsummer. South Carolina summers are no joke, and you certainly do not want a broken AC in the middle of the season.

The professionals at Swift Services perform the entire tune up process so you can stay cool year-round.

The benefits of a regular tune up include:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved air conditioner unit performance
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Lowered energy waste
  • Decreased likelihood of malfunction or breakdown
  • Lengthened service life


While this service will help extend the longevity of the unit, it can also help prepare you for inevitable replacement. Every air conditioning system will need replacement at some point. Regular tune ups will give you a better idea of when to expect this replacement. It can be expensive to replace these units but even more expensive if you face an emergency breakdown.

Do not let replacement creep up on you but rather use tune ups as a way to prepare and save for the inevitable.

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What’s Involved in an AC Tune Up

A tune up is a straightforward process that only professionals like us can do. We will inspect all aspects of the system and identify areas to improve safety and performance. These improvements will lead to lower energy bills and increased efficiency for your unit.

Swift Services AC tune ups include the following:

  • Clean blower motor, condenser coil and condensate drain
  • Inspect evaporator coil, refrigerant leaks and filtration system
  • Adjust blower components
  • Lubricate moving parts, as needed
  • Test starting capabilities and condensate pump
  • Tighten electrical connection
  • Monitor refrigerant pressure
  • Measure differential in air temperature, voltage and amperage

The final step of the tune up service is simply running the system to ensure smooth operation. After that, it will be ready to go for the season!

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When Should I Schedule AC System Maintenance?

The tune up process only needs to happen once a year. Ideally, you will want to schedule this service before the summer heat arrives. If possible, schedule the maintenance inspection in early spring before you need to regularly run the AC.

If time creeps up on you and summer hits before inspection, do not skip it for the year. It is still beneficial to have the system inspected if you have already turned it on for the season. The tune up will only take an hour or so but will help the system in the future. After all, you want to avoid emergency service issues in the future!

If you are a business owner, it’s even more essential to schedule a tune up. If your Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, AC unit breaks down, you risk making your customers and staff work in extreme conditions.

Consider setting up a tune up with your busy season in mind. We know the busy season is different for various industries, so we offer tune ups year-round. Schedule your tune up right before you’re about to serve a lot of guests!

Call Swift to Schedule Your AC Tune Up Today!

Swift Services is one of the most awarded heating and cooling companies in Myrtle Beach. We work hard for this reputation, and our services match the expectations our community has for us.

While we can handle large projects like installation and replacement, we perform regular maintenance more frequently, and we have a lot of experience performing quick tune ups. We enjoy seeing customers for the annual AC tune up and helping to identify ways to improve the efficiency of their units.

We pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction guarantee and fair pricing. Scheduling a tune up is simple and you can book directly on the website. Contact us today for upfront pricing and same-day services for all of your heating and air conditioning equipment. Swift Services is here to serve you and your Myrtle Beach, SC, air conditioning system!

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