Little River, South Carolina Air Conditioning Service

Little River, South Carolina Air Conditioning Service

If your air condition performs correctly, it’s probably not something that you think about often. But, when temperatures rise into triple digits in Little River, South Carolina, your AC system is especially at risk of malfunctioning.

In extreme temperatures, air conditioning units are more prone to breaking down, leading to costly repairs or a replacement.

Don’t stress about the performance of your air conditioning unit. The reliable technicians at Swift Services are well-equipped to handle all repairs and installations.

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Why Choose Swift Air Conditioning Repairs and Installation in Little River?

Many heating and cooling companies are only concerned with profit. At Swift, we treat our clients like family. You can count on our employees to prioritize work quality and customer satisfaction.

Our technicians are friendly, professional and they always arrive on time. We offer preventative maintenance and 24-hour services.

We know that air conditioning systems can break down unexpectedly, so we’re available at any time, whether it’s the middle of the night, a weekend or a holiday.

Our technicians can perform these services:

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Signs Your Little River AC System Needs to Be Repaired

AC units usually show signs of damage when they start to break down. Noticing these signs earlier is essential because the damage can worsen over time and lead to a more expensive repair bill.

Here are some signs that your AC system might need to be repaired:

Unusual Sounds

AC units make low-level noise when they turn on and off. Loud or sudden noises can be a sign of a problem. Buzzing sounds indicate a loose component, and whistling is a sign of something serious.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is used to cool your Little River, SC, home by producing condensation as the AC unit operates. If this liquid is leaking, it’s a sign that your unit isn’t working correctly.

Foul Odors

UV lamps may be used to eradicate microbial growth. Duct cleaning can also help get rid of debris that has collected and may remove the smell.

No Cool Air

Restricted airflow or a problem with the unit’s compressor might be to blame.

Cycles On and Off

Your Little River, SC, cooling system should turn on more often during periods of high heat, but it shouldn’t turn on and off constantly.

Lack of Airflow

Poor air flow could mean that there is a clogged air filter or another type of blockage preventing air from moving through the ductwork.

High Humidity

If your AC isn’t regulating moisture levels, it’s time for a repair.

Electrical Issues

An electrical fault can prevent your unit from turning on entirely.

What to Consider When Buying a New AC System for Your Home

AC units come in many different makes, models and sizes. It can be challenging to choose the model best suited to your home.

Our expert technicians can discuss your available options with you and determine what model works for your budget and needs. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing a new system:


How long is it expected to last? The average unit can be expected to work fully for around 15 years.


Do you have enough space for the unit that you plan to install?

SEER Rating

The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the unit is. The standard for every energy-efficient unit is a minimum of 13.


Energy-efficient units will preserve power and save you money on your utility bills.


Is installation suited for a DIY job, or does it require professional help?


These units can be expensive, and some companies charge excess installation fees. Call us for the most affordable units with upfront, honest pricing.

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Call Swift Services Today for AC Repair and Installation Services in Little River, South Carolina

Swift Services is one of the premier heating and cooling companies in Little River, SC. As a locally operated heating and air conditioning repair specialist, Swift Services has helped residents of the area for over a decade.

For Little River, SC air conditioning service, give Swift Services a call. Our experts can assess the damage, come up with a custom restoration plan and set up regular maintenance to avoid other costly repairs. We provide air conditioning system repair and installation services for Little River, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, SC, and the entire surrounding area.